Watchmybud was started in 2015, Our goal was to provide pet care & Emergency services for elderly, disabled and veteran service personnel who are pet owners. In addition to providing emergency care, pets health display, and monitoring and business tools for the more active service members.

Why was Watchmybud started? I was a former U.S. Airforce Raven, and during my time in the airforce. A friend of mine in the armed services wasn’t able to take care of his pet dog. Because of his deployment and work schedule.

That is how I got “Rose” as a gift, Rose was a three-year-old golden retriever. When I received Rose, I was really excited, although. I quickly noticed. That the same problem he had, I was having as well. So I realized, after asking other service members.

That this was a problem, not just that I had individually. But a collective issue which other members of the military have. Although I had a family, I realized that sometimes members of my family or friends. Where not able to take care of my pet, due to work commitments and different schedules.

This is when I realized, that I had to make a solution to this problem. I team up with my brother, Richard. Who had experience in the business world, and we quickly got the idea together and decided to open Watchmybud. With the help of my brother and Chris Scott, we were able to launch Watchmybud and begin to help pet owners across the USA.

The vision for Watchmybud is to help veteran & pet owners all across the USA. With Emergency Service, pet sitting, walking, Special care, Health monitoring display, Business tools.